Village Adopts Strategic Plan Update

The Village of Lindenhurst is excited to announce the new update to its strategic plan! This comprehensive update will serve as a roadmap for the decision-making process over the next several years. The Village adopted its first strategic plan in 2020 and has made considerable progress toward accomplishing the goals identified within the plan. Similar to the 2020 strategic plan, the strategic planning update process began with a series of focus groups comprising Village staff, community stakeholders, and residents.


With the focus group feedback serving as a starting point for discussions, the Village Board and senior Village staff participated in the strategic planning workshop to recognize the accomplishments made during the first strategic plan and determine where to go next as an organization and as a community. Based on feedback from the focus groups and discussion during the strategic planning workshop, five key strategic priorities were identified:

  • Community Branding & Engagement
  • Capital Infrastructure & Improvements
  • Business Recruitment & Retention
  • Responsible Growth & Development
  • Future Ready Operations


Within each strategic priority area, the Village developed goals and initiatives that should be accomplished in both the short-term and long-term. The Village is eager to begin working towards the goals identified in the 2024 Strategic Plan Update. For more information on the Village's strategic plan, please visit the strategic plan page