Starting or Moving a Business to Lindenhurst

Lindenhurst is a place where dreams soar, and entrepreneurial spirits thrive. Here in our vibrant and progressive community, starting a business is more than just a pursuit; it's an opportunity to become part of a legacy of innovation, growth, and success.

As you embark on this exciting journey of establishing your business in Lindenhurst, you'll quickly discover that we have more than just a picturesque setting to offer: our diverse economy, unparalleled connectivity, and resourceful community create the perfect environment for turning ideas into reality.

So, ignite your passion, tap into your potential, and join the ranks of thriving businesses that call Lindenhurst home. It's time to write your own success story, and we'll be here cheering you on every step of the way. Welcome to the beginning of something extraordinary – welcome to Lindenhurst!

1 forreal Verify zoning on the property/ address you wish to open your business at. If the desired property is not currently zoned for the intended use, the Village will work with the business owner to guide them through the appropriate process. To verify zoning on a property, please visit our Planning & Zoning page. 
2 forreal Once the zoning has been verified, the business should apply for a Village of Lindenhurst business license and submit the required annual registration fee. Please visit the Business Resources & Marketing page for the business license application. 
3 forreal If the business's building is planning on undergoing any modifications, such as physical changes to the building interior, exterior, or signage, please submit a building permit application. Please visit the building permit page for the application and submittal requirements. 
4 forreal Once the business has been registered, all potential licenses have been approved and issued, and the business has passed all inspections, and the Village has issued a certificate of occupancy - it’s time to OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
5 forreal The opening of a business in Lindenhurst is an important event both for the proprietors and the surrounding community, and we encourage an event that celebrates this accomplishment.  The public officials are eager to honor your achievement and your new place in the community and will attend any ribbon-cutting events or other business opening ceremonies as their schedule allows. To invite Lindenhurst public officials to an event, please contact Anita Archambeau, Economic Development Specialist.