Public Recreation

1571261173700260Lindenhurst Park District

The Lindenhurst Park District provides a variety of recreational opportunities to residents of Lindenhurst.

Forest Preserves

Lindenhurst is nearby by a number of Lake County Forest Preserves that provide recreational opportunities such as hiking/biking paths, cross-country skiing, picnic tables, dog exercise area and fishing.

Bike Lake County

Bike Path Countywide Map and Guide

Canoeing/Kayaking Countywide Map and Guide's

Fishing Countywide Map and Guide

Area Recreational Organizations

Lindenhurst Area Soccer Club

Girls Iceless Hockey 

Boys Iceless Hockey

Lake Villa Timberwolves LaCrosse
Lake Villa Township Baseball
Lakes Junior Eagles Football
Lakes Junior Eagles Basketball
If you would like additional information or your recreational organization listed, please contact Village Hall at 847-356-8252.