Beehive E311

The Village of Lindenhurst uses a service request system that residents can utilize to report and request non-emergency type work orders. To submit a service request, residents can visit our service request site through Beehive. Please note that the Village's request system is not to be used for emergencies. For matters that require immediate attention or an emergency response, please call 9-1-1. Please note that the service request system is utilized for work order requests. For more detailed requests that include 50/50 programs, house watch requests, overnight parking, and block party requests, please visit the Village's How Do I page.  

Submit A Service Request with Beehive


How to submit a service request:

  1. Visit the Village's website for service requests through Beehive.
  2. Select "Submit a Service Request"
  3. Choose a Service Area category
  4. Select a service type that falls under that specific category
  5. Fill out the details on the service request by completing the following:
    1. Although requests can be submitted anonymously, it is recommended that residents leave their email address to receive status updates on their requests.
    1. Adding a photo of the issue. 
    2. Sharing the location of a problem on a map. Users may click and drag the map to the correct location, or search an address, intersection location, or a street to have the map pull up the location.
    3. Sharing information on the issue. Residents are encouraged to use a description of the issue field to help Village staff to best resolve the issue.
  6. After sharing additional details on your service request, select "share this info" at the bottom of your screen to officially submit your request. All completed requests will provide an issue number, which can be used to look up the status of your request.


How to check the status of a service request:

  1. Visit the Village's website for service requests through Beehive. 
  2. Select "View Submitted Service Requests"
  3. From here, users have two options to view their status:
    • Enter the issue number into the search bar.
    • Users may click and drag the map to the location of their request. Once reaching the location of your request, select the icon on the screen to view the details.