The Village of Lindenhurst operates under a trustee-village form of municipal government as prescribed by Illinois state statutes.  The Village Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the Village and is responsible for the overall direction and implementation of policies and programs as established by the Village Board of Trustees.  Day-to-day operations and the supervision of the Village’s departments also fall under the purview of the Village Administrator.  Whether it is orienting new hires, establishing goals for Village departments, or engaging with our residents our office seeks to reinforce the guiding mission, vision, and values of our organization: 

Vision Statement 
The Village of Lindenhurst endeavors to be the friendliest and most appealing community in Lake County, Illinois; enriched by small-town values and traditions, fostering an atmosphere where citizens and businesses can thrive. 

Mission Statement 
The Village of Lindenhurst, in partnership with our community, strives to provide a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment through quality customer service, public safety, progressive leadership, and financial responsibility. 

Core Principles 
Vision Embracing innovative solutions for a better future.
Accountability  Demonstrating transparency through ethical, efficient government.
Leadership Inspiring and expecting the best of ourselves, each other, and our community. 
Unity Connecting people through collaborative engagement.
Excellence  Striving to be our best through integrity, teamwork, and exceptional customer service- nurturing a friendly, desirable place to live. 

The Village Administrator acts as the Village’s Budget Officer and Zoning Administrator. As Budget Officer, the Administrator is charged with the duty of preparing the Village’s annual budget.  In the role of Zoning Administrator, the position reviews and interprets the Village Zoning Code and assists requests for building and development.  Other responsibilities of the Village Administrators’ office include performance management, human resources, information technology, green initiatives, and record retention. 

Lindenhurst’s Village Hall is open Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM.  Questions may be directed to Administration Staff.  We look forward to serving you!