Sanitary Collection

The sanitary sewer system is made up of sanitary pump/lift stations and sanitary sewer mains that convey wastewater from homes and businesses to Village's wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater moves under the influence of gravity through a network of pipes that slope downhill. When a gravity sewer becomes too deep, the pumps in the lift stations are used to lift the wastewater to a higher elevation before releasing it back into the sewer pipes at a lesser depth. 

The Village maintains the pump stations and sewer mains on a daily basis. Annual pump maintenance by the manufacturer is performed with additional repairs scheduled. The sanitary mains are televised for defects and inflow/infiltration and repairs are scheduled.

Sanitary Sewer Back-Ups 
Sanitary sewer backups are caused when the sewer main or lateral becomes full to the point that the sewage backs up and enters the residence or business. Most of the time, sewer backups can be prevented by following the following steps:

  • Ensure the sump pump is not connected to the sanitary sewer line.
  • Do not allow grease or oils to go down the drain. Collect them in a container and throw them in your garbage once cooled. 
  • Do not flush any non-biodegradable material into the sewer system, such as rags, clothes, cleaning wipes, anything plastic, dental floss, or feminine sanitary products. 
Sometimes, sewer backups are unavoidable. In these cases, backups can be caused by a collapsed or shifted pipe, equipment failure, and tree roots entering the pipe through cracks and joints. 

If you experience a sewer backup, please remember that it is untreated wastewater and you should avoid contact without proper protection. Sanitary sewerage is a health hazard. Please call Village Hall at 847-356-8252 during regular business hours (8:30- 4:30). If after 4:30 p.m., weekends or holidays call the Village dispatch at 847-356-5400 and the Dutyman will be contacted to inspect the back-up