Village Services

The Village of Lindenhurst strives to provide quality services to our community. The Village uses its Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Principles as a tool to further Village goals. It is the Village's goal to exemplify our vision, mission, and values through interactions with our residents and the services we help provide. In addition, Village departments use the Village Strategic Plan and Community Survey results to guide future planning. 

Vision Statement 
The Village of Lindenhurst endeavors to be the friendliest and most appealing community in Lake County, Illinois; enriched by small-town values and traditions, fostering an atmosphere where citizens and businesses can thrive. 

Mission Statement 
The Village of Lindenhurst, in partnership with our community, strives to provide a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment through quality customer service, public safety, progressive leadership, and financial responsibility. 

Core Principles 
Vision Embracing innovative solutions for a better future.
Accountability  Demonstrating transparency through ethical, efficient government.
Leadership Inspiring and expecting the best of ourselves, each other, and our community. 
Unity Connecting people through collaborative engagement.
Excellence  Striving to be our best through integrity, teamwork, and exceptional customer service- nurturing a friendly, desirable place to live.