Municipal Aggregation Program

At the Village Board meeting on February 27th, the Village Board approved an agreement with Mc2 to restart the Village’s Municipal Aggregation Program. Similar to the Village's 2014 aggregation program, the municipal aggregation program is an "opt-out" program that allows residents to decline to be a member of the program and return to the current ComEd rate. The Village’s program is a 14-month program, beginning in June 2023 through August 2024, and offers residents a cheaper rate of electricity than the current market ComEd rate.

Commonly Asked Questions
What is the Village’s Municipal Aggregation Program?
An electricity aggregation program allows municipalities in the area to pool residential and small commercial retail customers to seek the lowest cost electric supply rate from an alternative retail electric supplier. The intent of the Village’s program is to receive an electric supply rate lower than the prevailing ComEd rate to save Village residents and small businesses money. 
How did the Village receive the authority to change my rate? 
In 2012, Lindenhurst voters approved a ballot referendum that authorized the Village to administer an “Opt-in” aggregation of the electric service program. Lindenhurst homeowners and small businesses benefited from savings on their ComEd bills from 2012 through 2013 as a result of this program. The program was paused from 2014 up until this year because the market had not presented favorable rates that would be significant to our residents. 
What are the benefits of staying in the Village’s aggregation program? 
If residents choose to stay in the program, they will see savings on their ComEd bill by 2.17 cents per kilowatt hour. ComEd is expected to implement a new rate starting in June which is estimated to be around 8.0- 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour. The Village’s program also includes 25% renewable energy, which benefits our environment. 
Will my ComEd bill change if I stay in the Village’s program?   
Residents will still be billed and have their power delivered by ComEd. This program will not impact your ability to schedule auto-payments.  
If I experience outage or billing issues who do I contact?   
For questions specific to electric billing or service outages, residents would continue to contact ComEd at 800-334-7661. 
Can I be removed from this program?   
Yes, at any time you can Opt-Out of the program without any penalty or cancellation fee. You will be automatically moved to the current ComEd rate. If you would like to be removed from the program, please contact Mc2 directly at 833-201-3518.
If I already have a different power supplier, how will this impact me?
Nothing will change your current service if you have a different power supplier. Residents who have a different supplier received an “opt-in” letter, which gives them the opportunity to participate in the program if they choose. If residents are interested in joining the program, they can do so at no cost. It is recommended that they first consult with their current provider about potential cancellation fees.