A Message from the Chief of Police

The Village of Lindenhurst Police Department originally consisted of a group of volunteers, with the first full-time police officer position being added in 1963. Currently, the Lindenhurst Police Department serves a community population of just over 14,400 residents. We have designed this portion of our website to provide relevant and useful information regarding our organization and the services we provide. As a department, we are committed to building and maintaining public trust while partnering with the community to make Lindenhurst a safer place to live and work.  The Lindenhurst Police Department will always strive to be open and transparent and work hand-in-hand with the community to ensure our citizens are heard and valued.

Department Philosophy
The Village of Lindenhurst Police Department strives to work in partnership with our community to provide a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment for our residents by providing quality customer service and progressive public safety services.

Department Priorities
The Lindenhurst Police Department is dedicated to building positive relationships with citizens through strong community engagement and a commitment to community policing principles. Whether it be stopping at a child's lemonade stand or through our unique community programs, our officers are always in the community wanting to connect and create partnerships with our residents.

You are encouraged to navigate through the Police Department section of the Village website to learn more about our operations, services, and programs that we offer as a Department. We hope our website is informative and reinforces our department's commitment to addressing the needs of our community while providing high-quality public safety services.