Citizens' Academy

The Village of Lindenhurst's Citizen Academy classes generally run from September  − November  (skipping the week of Halloween). The majority of classes are held on Wednesdays each week from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Village Hall (2301 E. Sand Lake Road). Other classes may meet in other various locations, but those will be scheduled with the class prior to the session. Class size ranges from 8 - 15 participants. No class will begin with less than eight (8) participants. 

The purpose of the Village’s Citizens’ Academy Program is to better educate our community on the daily operations of the Village of Lindenhurst. The program is intended to enlighten participants on the various policies and procedures of the Village’s departments through a series of informational workshops. Participants can expect to learn about the Village’s Administration, Police, and Public Works Departments. We ultimately hope that this class improves the transparency of Village operations, and engages a new population of Lindenhurst residents into the decision-making processes of their community.

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Structure of the Academy

Through an eight (8) week program, Academy participants will learn a wide array of Village operational matters through a classroom setting, interactive activities, and in-the-field tours.  Participants will be instructed by various Village staff on procedures and practices to expose them to the multi-faceted nature of the Village as an organization.  

While it is difficult to keep the vast array of Village matters to a concise format, we hope that through the eight weeks, participants will have a broader understanding of the structure and operations of their government. Participants will be expected to attend workshops once a week for two hours per evening. The Academy will be open to Lindenhurst residents and/or persons who primarily work in the Village over the age of 18.

Academy Content

The format and content of the Academy are always subject to change, but in general, the syllabus of the Academy is as follows:

  • Welcome & Introductions/Overview/Administration
  • Police Department (PD) Overview & Introductions
  • Public Works (PW) Overview & Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour
  • PD - Patrol Operations
  • PW - Water Collection System and Distribution
  • PD - Crime Scene Investigations
  • PW - Street Maintenance 
  • PD - Use of Force Scenarios
  • PD - Drug Prevention
  • Feedback & Graduation