Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps guide an organization's future rather than making decisions issue by issue. In April 2024, the Village adopted an update to its strategic plan. This document will help guide decision-making over the next few years. The Village began its strategic planning approach in 2020, working with the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) at Northern Illinois University (NIU) to facilitate a strategic planning workshop with the Board and senior staff members.

Similar to the 2020 strategic plan, the strategic plan update process began with several focus groups being held with community stakeholders to gather input on their vision regarding the Village’s future. With the focus groups as a starting point for discussions, the strategic planning workshop provided a positive atmosphere for the Board and senior staff members to work together and collaboratively review and develop the Village’s visions of the future and strategic goals to determine where it is the Village wants to go as an organization and as a community. The update process also gave the Village Board and staff the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments made during the first strategic plan. Based on feedback from the focus groups and discussion during the strategic planning workshop, five key strategic priorities were identified:
  • Community Branding & Engagement
  • Capital Infrastructure & Improvements
  • Business Recruitment & Retention
  • Responsible Growth & Development
  • Future Ready Operations


Within each strategic priority area, the Village developed goals and initiatives that should be accomplished in both the short-term and long-term. The Village is eager to begin working towards the goals identified in the 2024 Strategic Plan Update. All strategic plan-related documents can be found by visiting the Village's document & reports page

Keeping the tenets of the Strategic Plan at the forefront of our collective efforts and decision-making is one of the most important aspects of a successful strategy and probably one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. One way that staff is actively working towards accomplishing the tasks and advancing the themes of the strategic plan is to assign accountability to our short and long-term action items and discuss our efforts at regular intervals. The Village also publishes monthly performance data to assess progress toward operational and strategic goals. 

Strategic Planning Dashboard

To navigate through the Village Performance Dashboard below, use the arrows located on the bottom of the report; some elements are easier to see in full screen mode. The dashboard provides data for specific service areas identified in the Lindenhurst Community Survey and annual budgets.