Planning & Zoning

The Village's Planning and Zoning administration staff are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the standards set within the Village's Comprehensive Plan. Village staff reviews submitted applications for Zoning and Development prior to consideration at Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Approvals, and/or Village Board meetings. Additionally, staff negotiates annexation agreements, coordinates zoning inquires and recommendations, and provides administrative support for Village commissions. 

Planning and Zoning Process 

1 forreal Prior to submitting an Application for Development Approval, applicants are encouraged to contact Village Hall at 847-356-8252 to schedule a pre-application conference with Village staff. This meeting is designed for Village staff to understand the development concept and guide the applicant through the process. 
2 forreal Applicant submits a completed application with all required materials, fees, and escrow. 
3 forreal After receiving the application, the Village will forward the application to all applicable departments and/or consultants for review and comments. 
4 forreal Depending on the type of approval sought, the application may be required to notify the public before meeting with the Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Approvals, or Village Board. 
5 forreal The development application goes before the Plan Commission or Zoning Board of approvals for consideration. Both the applicant and the commission/board will have the opportunity to present and comment on the application. 
6 forreal Following the recommendation from the Plan Commission or Zoning Board, the Village Board will act on the development application by either approving, approving with conditions, or denying the application. 
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