Performance Dashboards

The Village of Lindenhurst prides itself in demonstrating transparency by sharing a variety of interactive dashboards. These dashboards aim to show how the Village is progressing toward accomplishing our strategic goals, the results of community survey data, and an overview of Village finances. Feel free to expand each dashboard to learn more about each performance dashboard. 

Strategic Priority Dashboard 
The Village's Strategic Priority Dashboard tracks progress made on the Village's strategic plan by measuring operational key performance indicators from all Village departments. To learn more about the Village's strategic plan, please visit the Village's Strategic Plan page. 

Budget Dashboard 
The Village's Budget dashboard provides an overview of the current fiscal year budget revenues and expenses. This dashboard also compares the current year's budget with prior fiscal years. To learn more about the Village's finances, please visit the Village's Budget & Finance page. 

Community Survey Dashboard 
The Village's Community Survey Dashboard shows the results of the 2022 community survey compared to the 2018 survey. Both community surveys asked residents their perception of the Village of Lindenhurst and the services provided. To learn more about the 2022 and 2018 community survey results, please visit the Village's community survey page.