Right of Way Tree Maintenance

Public Works performs maintenance of over 5,000 parkway trees of various species in the right-of-way. Types of maintenance on Village trees include trimming, planting, and removal. 

Tree City USA 
The Village has been annually awarded the designation of Tree City USA since 1996. This award is presented to communities that maintain a tree board, tree ordinance, spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry, and celebrate Arbor Day.

Why become a Tree City USA community? A thriving urban forest offers many advantages to communities. Trees help absorb the sounds of traffic in urban areas by 40%. Neighborhoods with trees are seven to nine degrees cooler than those without. Trees reduce energy costs by up to 25% by shading buildings and protecting them from winter winds. Homes with trees have higher property values. Green space plays a major role in improving mental and physical health, and planting and maintaining trees absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, mitigating the effects of climate change.

50/50 Tree Replacement Program 
The Village also offers a 50/50 tree replacement program for residents that want to plant a tree in their parkway or private yard. Residents are reimbursed 50% of the total cost of up to $200 of a single acceptable tree, excluding sales tax, delivery, and installation. 

Learn more about the 50/50 Tree Replacement Program