Right of Way Maintenance

In addition to performing routine road maintenance to Village streets, the Public Works Department maintains assets in the Village right of way (ROW). These functions are described below. 

The Village, along with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and limited Homeowners Associations (HOA's), owns and operates streetlights throughout the community to keep residential neighborhoods and businesses safe and illuminated. If you know of a streetlight outage, please submit a service request so the Village can report the streetlight to ComEd or schedule a repair. Residents can also call Village Hall at 847-356-8252 to report an outage. We will attempt to respond to outages within 72 hours of the initial call. 

Regulatory Street Signs 
The purpose of traffic control signs or devices is to promote roadway safety and efficiency by providing orderly movement of all road users on any street and highway throughout the United States. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) contains the basic principles that govern the design and use of traffic control signs or devices for all streets and highways open to public travel regardless of the type, class, or public agency jurisdiction. The MUTCD specifies the design, placement, operation, maintenance, and uniformity of all traffic control signs or devices. 

Curb and Sidewalks 
Public Works conducts repair and replacement of the Village’s sidewalks and curb sections that are designated as unsafe or hazardous situations. Large or numerous cracks, settlements, heaved or displaced sections, and areas that hold water for more than 48 hours after rainfall are typical conditions that may trigger a repair. If you think that your sidewalk or curb section is unsafe or hazardous, please submit a service request, and Public Works will inspect for repairs/ replacements.