Code Enforcement

Beginning in June 2024, the Village will begin a partnership with Safebuilt to perform code enforcement services on behalf of the Village. Our Safebuilt inspector will be identified with clothing embroidered with the Safebuilt logo and will arrive in a vehicle with Safebuilt’s and the Village’s logo. The inspector will be in the Village three days a week to follow up on the code enforcement requests that are received in person, over the phone, and through the Village’s website. Code enforcement helps maintain community preservation by working closely with residents and business owners to eliminate health, safety, and public nuisance violations that adversely affect the quality of life in Lindenhurst.  This is accomplished through public education and enforcement of the Village’s Municipal Code.

The Village of Lindenhurst has adopted the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).  This code, with local amendments, establishes minimum standards for the maintenance of property in the village. Issues addressed by Code Enforcement include the exterior maintenance of all properties, improper garbage/rubbish disposal, grass and weed control, signage within the Village, as well as other general inspections and quality of life concerns.

This page is intended to be a summary of the Village's property maintenance regulations. A complete version of all regulations, including definitions, descriptions, or exceptions to the regulations may be found in the Municipal Code. The following is a listing of the most common property maintenance violations and the regulations to bring the violation to code:

To report a property maintenance violation, please visit our service request system or contact the Community Service/Code Enforcement Officer at 312-497-9063.

The Code Enforcement Officer from Safebuilt will perform a site visit to verify the submitted concerns.  Once verified, a Notice of Violation letter will be mailed to the responsible party.  The responsible party will be given a reasonable amount of time to voluntarily correct the violation and comply with the provisions of the Village’s Municipal Code and/or the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). Violations constituting a life safety concern are required to be addressed as soon as possible.  Follow-up site visits are routinely conducted to ensure that progress toward full compliance is being achieved.  Most individuals correct violations after receiving a verbal or written notification. However, some violations may require additional enforcement.  If voluntary compliance is not achieved within a reasonable amount of time, citations will be issued for appearance in court. 

For further information regarding the Village's regulations for property maintenance, please contact the Community Service/Code Enforcement Officer at 312-497-9063.

Animal Control services

The Village of Lindenhurst works to address issues regarding domestic and wild animals. The Community Service Officer is specially trained to deal with many of the common issues that residents and businesses might encounter, from the most basic such as lost or missing pets to raccoon and skunk problems.
If you have any questions regarding animals, or if you’re in need of assistance dealing with a pesky wild animal, contact our Community Service Officer at 847-356-5400.

Vacant Property Registration 

The Community Service Officer handles vacant property registration for properties in the Village. As stated in Ordinance 93.14: Obligation to Register, individuals who own a building that is or has been recognized as "vacant" must register their property with the Village. Applicants must pay an annual vacant building registration fee, submit a property maintenance plan in compliance with the property maintenance code and Village Ordinances, and submit an Emergency & Alarm Key Holder List.

Submit Vacant Property Registration Form 
Submit Emergency & Alarm Keyholder List 

Other Community Service Officer Duties

The Community Service Officer also provides a variety of ancillary services related to:

  • Domestic animal complaint and control
  • Investigation of animal bites
  • Custody of property and evidence
  • Traffic control at accident scenes and events
  • General code enforcement 
  • Courier services