Village Postal Substation Update

After 40 years of service, the Village will stop operating as a postal substation and will move to a stamps-to-go service effective close of business on November 22. The stamps-to-go service will be a user-friendly option for residents to purchase stamps because it allows the Village to now accept credit/debit cards instead of only accepting cash and check. A majority of postal transactions were purchasing stamps, so the Village is pleased to be able to continue offering this service to our residents. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still buy stamps at Village Hall?
Yes. Residents will be able to purchase stamps using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, cash, and check.
What will happen to the blue mailboxes in the Village Hall parking lot?
The blue mailboxes located in the Village Hall parking lot will remain for residents to place mail inside. 
Can I ship packages from Village Hall?
No. Village Hall will only sell stamps. Residents can visit any local post office or any 3rd party shipping company to send out packages.
Why is the Village no longer a postal substation?
The decision to transition to a stamps-to-go service was initiated by the US Postal Service (USPS) after they re-evaluated their contractual relationship with the Village in hopes of minimizing the risk/liabilities of our operation. As of late, the Village has been facing challenges with providing quality postal services to residents; we are not connected to USPS servers, so it prevents staff from tracking packages and accepting credit/debit transactions. Additionally, the USPS has discontinued tracking stickers utilized by Village staff and moved toward a modern tracking system, which the Village has no access to.
When was the decision to move to a stamps-to-go facility made?
Discussion regarding the direction of Village provided postal services was part of the agenda at the June 12th and the July 24th Board Meeting.
Can I drop off my pre-paid packages inside Village Hall?
No. Residents are asked to drop their letters and small packages in the blue mailboxes located in the Village Hall parking lot. 
PO Box Owner Questions
What will happen to my PO box?
Mail will no longer be delivered to the PO boxes in Village Hall beginning November 23rd, 2023. At this time, the entire PO box section located in Village Hall will be moved to the Lake Villa Post Office (206 Cedar Avenue). However, PO box users have options when deciding where their mail should be delivered to. Please see the other FAQ's within this section. 
How do I minimize disruption or delay for my mail?
It is critical that owners submit a Change of Address form as soon as possible, but no later than November 16, 2023. A change of address form has been provided to you inside your PO box, or you can visit to electronically file your change of address. 

You have two choices when changing your address:
  1. If you wish to continue receiving mail through a Post Office Box, Post Office Boxes are available at the Lake Villa Post Office, 206 Cedar Avenue, 847-356-5995.
  2. Delivery to your street address, which would need to be set up with the Lake Villa Post Office.
As a convenience, mail will be forwarded from the PO Box address to your new delivery address for a period of 12 months.
If I move to my PO box to the Lake Villa Post Office, will my box number change?
If you choose to open up a PO Box at the Lake Villa Post Office, your PO Box number will change. You will need to go to the Lake Villa Post Office and fill out a new application.
I've already paid for my renewal, will the price of my PO box change?
If your current PO Box at the Village of Lindenhurst is paid up, there will be no current charge to open up the PO Box. Your current PO Box payment will carry over until your due date. When your PO box is due for the next payment, it will consist of the current Lake Villa PO box price. 

The current Lake Villa PO box prices are listed below. These are subject to change. 
  • Size 1 (3”X5.5”) $73.00/6mos, $146.00/12mos
  • Size 2 (5”X5.5”) $94.00/6mos, $188.00/12mos
  • Size 3 (11”X5.5”) $147.00/6mos, $294.00/12mos
  • Size 4 (11”X11”) $177.00/6mos, $354.00/12mos
  • Size 5 (22.5”X12”) $246.00/6mos, $492.00/12mos