Community Survey

2022 Community Survey

In September 2022, randomly selected households (2,000) were asked to participate in the Village of Lindenhurst’s 2022 Community Survey.  Understanding your opinions and ideas about the Village of Lindenhurst and the services provided by village government are important to us. This questionnaire gave residents an opportunity to give confidential feedback on how the Village is performing, and to provide helpful input to elected officials as they make decisions for the future. The survey asked a variety of questions on the Village’s services, programs, and initiatives. The 2022 Community Survey helps the Village prioritize its actions and allocate resources for Village services.  We sincerely thank our participants for helping make the Village of Lindenhurst a better place to live, work, play, and visit.

Compared to 2018’s 17.8% survey response rate, we experienced a higher response rate of surveys with 18.95% responding in 2022. After all responses were received, the data was tabulated and synthesized into a report which was generally positive. Some positive highlights for the Village include:

  • 79% Overall Satisfaction with Village Services
  • 87% Satisfaction with Water and Sewer
  • 89% Satisfaction with our Public Works
  • 77% Satisfaction with our Street Maintenance Services
  • 89% Satisfaction with our Safety and Emergency Services
The Village of Lindenhurst will remain committed to process improvement and to the creation of new programs in an effort to increase resident satisfaction in all areas. To assist us in tracking our progress in this endeavor, we have created a dashboard to compare the 2022 and 2018 community surveys.

Community Survey Dashboard

To navigate through the below dashboard, use the arrows located on the bottom of the report; some elements are easier to see in full screen mode.

2018 community Survey 
In May of 2018, the Village Board approved a professional services agreement with NuStats out of Buda, Texas to conduct a community survey for the Village. The purpose of the survey was to solicit feedback from our residents on a broad range of topics pertaining to Village services, attitudes, and priorities. The first surveys reached the community in late August 2018, and responses were accepted through early October 2018. In all, about 350 surveys were received yielding a better-than-average response rate of about 18%.

After all responses were received, the data was tabulated and synthesized into a report which was generally positive.  Some positive highlights for the Village include:

  • Safety within the Village
  • Reliability and Quality of Waste Collection
  • Effective and Professionalism of Police Officers
The report also stated that the Village garnered almost 70% of respondents who were satisfied with our ability to provide high-quality services, and 67% were satisfied with our overall quality of customer service.

The Village has been utilizing this survey data to drive initiatives which address resident concerns, such as customer service and road repair. All staff participated in a three phase customer service training led by the College of Lake County. Additionally, the implementation of pavement management has provided a full assessment of street conditions for the type and timing of road surface treatments. This data has assisted Village leaders and staff to better direct resources to the services Village residents find most important.
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