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UPDATE: Project Delayed pending Federal Funds.  

As many are aware, Hawthorne Drive, Sprucewood Lane, and Lake Shore Drive need repair to address pavement deterioration. As such, the Village has initiated a Phase I Engineering Study in early 2018 to investigate proposed roadway improvements along Hawthorne Drive (from IL Route 132 to Sprucewood Lane), Sprucewood Lane (from Hawthorne Drive to Lake Shore Drive), and Lake Shore Drive (from Sprucewood Lane to Beck Road). This project is a continuation of the recently completed Beck Road improvements.

The initial data collection stage of the Phase I Engineering Study was completed during Spring/Summer 2018, which included: topographic field survey, traffic counts, accident analysis, and environmental surveys. A project notice and comment form were sent out to all residents within the project study area.  Ten responses were received, mostly regarding drainage issues experienced along Hawthorne Drive and Sprucewood Lane.

Following the initial data collection stage, the design stage started, which consists of composing preliminary engineering roadway plans, existing drainage plans, and proposed drainage plans.  The engineering consultant (Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.) has been working with Village staff on the design plans. Coordination has occurred with the Lindenhurst Park District regarding Linden’s Landing & Beach, where parking will be replaced along with new sidewalk along the frontage of the park and drainage improvements. The anticipated scope of the improvement includes pavement reconstruction, minor roadway alignment/profile adjustments, concrete curb & gutter, driveway replacement (to the right-of-way), sidewalk (both sides), storm sewer and other drainage improvements.

An Open House Public Meeting will be held near the completion of Phase I Engineering to display the proposed improvement and seek stakeholder input, which is anticipated in Summer 2019.  Following the completion of the Phase I Engineering Study, the Village will initiate Phase II Engineering, which takes 12 to 18 months and consists of detailed design,  preparation of construction documentation and any necessary land acquisition.  The Village is pursuing federal funding to assist in paying for construction of this project, which is anticipated in 2021 at the earliest and contingent upon funding availability.

Project-related information and updates will be posted on the Village website as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please email mail@lindenhurstil.org or call 847-356-8252.

Project Update #4

December 2020

Using the input collected from the public meeting in June 2019, the Village began the Phase 2 Engineering Study on the Hawthorne/Sprucewood/Lake Shore Drive Improvement Project in the Fall of 2019 and into 2020.  Completing a Phase 2 study will allow our contract engineers (Christopher B. Burke Engineering) to conduct a more detailed design of the entire roadway corridor.  The Phase 2 design is a parcel-by-parcel review of the impacts of the roadway project on properties along the corridor.  In most cases, very little changes between a Phase 1 and Phase 2 design in terms of new, discovered impacts, but the details of impacts are better understood. 

Completing the Phase 2 design is a requirement for the Village as we seek Federal funding for the project from the Lake County Council of Mayors (LCCOM).  With an estimated cost of construction of approximately $6M, assistance will be needed from outside sources to bring the project to commencement.  In order to be considered for Federal funds, the Village submitted an application for the project to LCCOM in March 2020.  Through an established scoring rubric the LCCOM rated new projects which were submitted during the call for project applications.  Due to a backlog of previously committed projects, there was no room for new projects to be added to the schedule of funded projects in the window of federal fiscal years 2021-2025.  The Hawthorne/Sprucewood/Lake Shore Drive Project was placed third on a contingency list for potential funding during this same window.  A new call for projects will occur in 2022, which has the potential to shuffle up the order of committed and contingent projects for funding.  The Village intends to submit the project again when the call for projects is made. In the meantime, the Village had made some temporary road resurfacing repairs due to the possible project delays.

We are also positioning ourselves accordingly in the chance that a currently funded project is unable to move forward.  During this upcoming period, Village staff and its contract engineers will discuss with property owners about the impact of the project on their properties including construction impacts or temporary easements. 

Project Update #3

June 2019

The Phase I Engineering Study has made substantial progress this year and a Public Meeting has been scheduled to inform the public, including the project schedule, existing conditions and the proposed improvement plans. The proposed improvement includes a reconstructed roadway pavement with one 12-foot lane in each direction, concrete barrier curb and gutter, 4-foot sidewalk, storm sewer, and drainage swales (where needed). In several areas of the project the sidewalk is directly behind the curb to fit the sidewalk within the roadway right-of-way and maintain existing drainage patterns. There are five drainage outfalls to Lake Linden that will be replaced as the existing infrastructure is at the end of its useful life. Two outfalls are within Linden’s Landing Beach and three outfalls are within existing drainage easements between residential properties. Also included with this project is the replacement of driveways to the roadway right-of-way. There are currently 11 driveways that will require a temporary construction easement to re-grade the driveway onto private property, which is predominantly due to steep existing driveway/front yard grades. 


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