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Hydrant Flushing

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Hydrant flushing

Why Do We Flush Hydrants?

This annual maintenance is done to remove minerals and sediment that accumulate in the water lines. This preventative maintenance also allows us to check water pressure and flow rates from the hydrants to ensure our water system is functioning properly.  In addition, we inspect the hydrants to make sure they function properly. 

What to Expect

During hydrant flushing, you may observe our crews opening fire hydrants.  We use a diffuser system while flushing to reduce problems associated from the pressure and flow of the water that is released from the hydrant. In addition, we neutralize the chlorine in the water released from the hydrant to protect the environment. On occasions the water in your home or business may appear orange/red or rusty. The water is safe to use; however, it can stain plumbing fixtures, laundry, etc. The discoloration is caused by the iron sediment in the water main being disturbed by the hydrant flushing. If this occurs, please run the cold water for several minutes to clear your water lines. Flushing your toilet or running your bathroom tub is a good way to flush your lines as well as other plumbing fixtures. The water should run clear within a few minutes. Laundry should be delayed until flushing has been completed in your area and the water is clear.  Rusty water will stain your laundry; stains are difficult to remove and may result in permanent discoloration to your laundry.  

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