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The Police Department handles the entry and retrieval of police reports, and dissemination of any requests for copies of reports. Additional duties include processing court summonses, processing arrest documents, preparing the monthly Uniform Crime Reports for the state and federal agencies, and other miscellaneous records functions. 

Copies of reports can be obtained by completing and submitting a Freedom of Information Act Request Form either in-person or on-line.  Once the F.O.I.A. form is received, you will be notified within 3 to 5 working days by the Village F.O.I.A. Officer when the report is available.

Copies of Traffic Crash reports are available within 3 to 5 working days after the accident.  Fees for Traffic Crash Reports are $5.00 (cash or check only) in-person or through the mail.  You or your insurance company may also request Traffic Crash Reports available through the on-line website of Docview.us.com for a nominal fee.


The Investigations Unit has the primary responsibility of investigating all crimes reported to the Police Department including burglaries and violent crimes.

Juvenile Officer

Currently the Police Department has six certified juvenile officers responsible for coordinating the various paperwork and filings that go to Juvenile Court on each juvenile charged with an offense.

Truck Enforcement Activities

The Truck Enforcement Unit assists with the safe passage of motor vehicle traffic as they share the roads with larger and heavier commercial vehicles.

The primary duties of the Truck Enforcement Unit are:

  • Enforcement of weight & size violations.
  • Issuing permits for overweight and oversized vehicles using Village maintained highways.
  • Education of local trucking companies in regard to local and State laws.
  • Assisting the Illinois State Police with random roadside portable scale roadblocks.
  • Coordination between developers, trucking companies, and the Village with respect to truck routing in and out of commercial job sites.
  • Handling complaints from residents about truck-specific problems.
  • Checking trucks for safety and driver's license classification compliance.

Bike Patrol

The Lindenhurst Police Department currently has officers trained and equipped to patrol the Village with specially designed police mountain bikes. The goal is to enhance contacts with business owners, patrons, and citizens traversing through the Village.

Evidence Technician

The Police Department currently has four Evidence Technicians. Their duties include, but are not limited to, foot imprints, fingerprint examination, evidence collection, and crime scene photography.

Traffic Crash Investigator

The Traffic Crash Investigator is a specially trained investigator who is certified in major traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.  He also assists other Police agencies through the Major Crash Assistance Team (MCAT).


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