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Utility Billing

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Moving in?

If you are a new resident and moving into the Village of Lindenhurst please contact the Village of Lindenhurst Utility Billing department at (847) 356-8252 or fill out this online form Village of Lindenhurst Water & Sewer Service Application to sign up for new utility service and to ensure that a final water read has already been scheduled by the previous owner/renter. The appointment should be made 7-10 business days prior to closing in order to ensure availability of the Village of Lindenhurst Water Department. 

Moving out?

If you are moving out of the Village of Lindenhurst, contact us to schedule a final water read. The appointment should be made 7-10 business days prior to closing in order to ensure availability of the Village of Lindenhurst Water Department. Or you can fill out out the online Water & Sewer Termination of Service Form.  You are responsible for payment for the final water bill.

The Village of Lindenhurst does not have a transfer stamp.

Bill Payment Options
  1. Pay my utility bill online - To access your account, use your utility account number (all 12 digits) to search for your account. 
  2. Pay by phone - Call 844-463-8921.  You will need to know your account number to make a payment.  All credit cards accepted.  
  3. Autodebit (Complete and print application and attach a voided check)
  4. By Mail - PO Box 92170, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60009-2170
  5. In Person - 2301 Sand Lake Road
  6. Drop box outside main door at the Village Hall - 2301 Sand Lake Rd

Understanding your Water Bill

Village of Lindenhurst customers receive bi-monthly bills. The bills are due on the 21st of the month.

Billing is bi-monthly (once every 2 months) for the prior 61 days of consumption.

Late charges

A 10 percent penalty will be added to the current unpaid bill if payment is not received in full by the due date.

Non-sufficient funds charge (NSF)

A $30 service charge will be applied to your account for each check that is returned or ACH payment that is not honored by your bank.

Water service turn-on/turn-off fee

A $50 service fee will be applied to your account per trip for any call to such premises by a Village employee that is necessary because of the nonpayment of the water or sewer charge.

New Rates as of February 15, 2019

Readings are measured by units.  
1 unite = 100 cubic feet or approximately 748 gallons of water
$6.09 per unit.
$5.75 per unit. 

Sewer Only
Base charge = $87.56
Capital Fee
$4.50 per billing cycle
Senior Discount
Residents 62 years and over, receive a 15% discount off the water and sewer charge.  For additional information on this program please call the Village Hall at 847-356-8252. Transportation Facilities Fee Reduction/Exemption Application - Senior Discount Form.
Refuse & Recycling Service 
  • Regular Rate/ 90 Gallon Garbage Can/ 64 Gallon Recycling Can - $48.92 bimonthly
  • Regular Rate/ 65 Gallon Garbage Can/ 64 Gallon Recycling Can - $46.02 bimonthly
  • Senior Rate/ 35 Gallon Garbage Can/64 Gallon Recycling Can - $43.12 bimonthly
Transportation Facilities Fee
An annual per household vehicle license tax charge of $60.00 will be included on your sewer and water bill over six annual billings @ $10.00 per billing. Senior, handicap and military reductions are available. The Village does not issue vehicle stickers.

Water Quality Reports 


  • Water and Sewer Rates Changing to Per Unit Rate Structure (pdf)
    The Village continues to take steps toward the transition to Lake Michigan water as the community’s source of drinking water. Lindenhurst is now an official member of the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA), the Agency that ...
  • Ferguson Waterworks Meter Replacement Project
    The Village of Lindenhurst has contracted with Ferguson Waterworks for water meter replacement in the village. If you have received a letter, your meter is in need of replacement due to aging equipment and an effort to standardize meters in the Vill...
  • 2013 Water Quality Report for Lindenhurst (pdf)
    Please go to www.lindenhurstil.org/2013waterreport to view your 2014 annual water quality report and learn more about your drinking water. This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water during 2013. If...