Economic Development Focus Areas

ED!Lindenhurst’s economic development strategies are designed to create a prosperous and thriving community. Our four focus areas are aimed at fostering business growth, enhancing our community appeal, and promoting a vibrant local economy. 

Join us in Lindenhurst, where our targeted approach to economic development establishes a solid foundation for a vibrant and prosperous community that supports businesses and enhances the quality of life for all residents.
Focus Areas
Business Retention, Expansion, and Recruitment
We prioritize nurturing existing businesses and attracting new ones to help sustain Lindenhurst's economic vitality, diversify our business landscape, and create job opportunities.
Grand Avenue Revitalization and Redevelopment
With a focus on improving the aesthetics and functionality of our central corridor, the Grand Avenue initiative is dedicated to encouraging investment, and enhancing the overall appeal of Lindenhurst as a destination.
Support Industries and Businesses
We are committed to offering resources and assistance to businesses across various industries, ensuring that they receive the support needed to thrive and contribute positively to our town's economic growth.
Placemaking and Business Marketing
Our placemaking efforts aim to provide attractive public spaces, foster a sense of community, and showcase Lindenhurst's unique character. Additionally, we invest in marketing strategies to highlight the advantages of doing business in our town and attract further investment.