Area Transportation

Lindenhurst is a uniquely situated and well-connected community that offers unparalleled access to a diverse range of transportation resources. Our strategic location in Lake County provides residents, businesses, and visitors with convenient local, national, and international travel options.

In Lindenhurst, you'll enjoy the benefit of a robust transportation network, which includes:

  • IDOT: The Illinois Department of Transportation ensures that our roadways are well-maintained and safe, making it easy for you to travel within and beyond, with proximity and accessibility to the Tri-State Tollway, your business is well positioned for efficient movement of your product or customers. The Tri-State Tollway is a network of highways that form a critical transportation corridor in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Designated as Interstate 294 (I-294) and Interstate 80 (I-80), the tri-state interstate serves as a key connector for commuters, businesses, and travelers in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, hence the name "tri-state." The Tollway serves both suburban communities and industrial hubs, easing the passage of goods and people around the Chicago metropolitan region.Additionally, Interstate 80 (I-80) runs east-west across the United States and is part of the tri-state interstate system in the Chicago area. It connects with I-294, forming the southern boundary of the Tri-State Tollway. I-80 plays a significant role in the movement of freight and cross-country travel.
  • Amtrak: Connecting you to major cities nationwide, Amtrak provides a comfortable and convenient long-distance train service, perfect for business and leisure trips. 
  • Metra: Our proximity to Metra's commuter rail system offers a hassle-free and reliable way to travel to downtown Chicago and other surrounding suburbs.
  • O'Hare Airport: As one of the world's busiest airports, O'Hare offers numerous daily flights and countless international connections, making it the ideal gateway to global destinations.
  • Midway Airport: Another great option for domestic and international flights, Chicago Midway International Airport provides an alternative choice for travelers seeking convenience and flexibility in their air travel options.
  • Madison Airport: Enjoy convenient access to Dane County Regional Airport in Madison Wisconsin, providing a variety of additional flight options and connections for business and leisure travels.
  • Milwaukee Airport: Just a short drive away, Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport is another excellent option for both domestic and international flights, giving you extra flexibility when planning your next trip.

Experience the convenience of living and working in Lindenhurst where seamless connections to a wealth of transportation resources ensure that the world is at your fingertips. Discover the advantages of a well-connected lifestyle.

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